Another Honeymoon

Those who see me in the flesh know that in addition to this wedding getaway, John and I ran away together at the end of January.  Then, John planned to take Cadence and me along to a June event he spearheaded and helped organize.  Staying in another hotel while the children play happily with Dude and Dudette? I could get used to this!  (Don't worry, good Owen parents, we're not running off to Europe anytime soon...but wouldn't that be GREAT?!)

I was looking forward to the conference. Though I've only dipped my toes into the Lafferty Sea (Laffersea, I suppose), I've read enough to know I'll read much more.  Plus, I enjoy lectures by intelligent and interesting people on just about any topic, and the conference promised to deliver.  When we arrived in Long Island, though, Zeke had a fever and didn't want any pizza-- a sure sign that he was under the weather.  The next morning, his fever was higher, and we took him to the walk-in, with a probable Lyme diagnosis, so then... we took him on our romantic getaway.

Let the above paragraphs serve as explanation for why the following pictures contain a baby, a sick boy, and myself, with no romantic interludes featuring a bearded, dashing man (who was busy, besides, helping lead the most wildly successful conference this world has ever seen).

I only took a handful of pictures, being occupied as I was, but Zeke wanted a picture of this bridge to show the girls.

Sick boy on the bed.

After two days of a 103+ fever, it finally broke, and he wanted to eat for the first time in as many days.  The three of us raided the vending machines and came back with a bag of cheez-its.  If only vending machines had fresh pizza...

Zeke held out for most of the day, and I only missed the last two presentations/panels.  During those, he was a sick and sleepless little grump in the lobby, tho' the storm broke for a bit, during which I took this picture of us by some artwork.

After that, though, it was sick and sleepless and grumpy until bed.

Here's a baby on a hotel bed! Exclamation point necessary!  I know it's bad etiquette to stuff things from hotels into your suitcase, but I took her home, anyway.

And that same bridge, only returning us home this time.

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Abigail said...

Sorry, Cadie! Your comment was deleted because I revamped this post to make it slightly anonymous before deleting the first version.

To answer your question, yup. We took him to a follow-up visit with Zeke's pediatrician here at home. He's a pretty laid-back physician, and quite balanced when it comes to dispensing medication, but he immediately wanted to extend his antibiotics to a 25-day stretch. He has no question about it being Lyme, based on Zeke's symptoms and the pictures I showed him, as well as by what he observed firsthand, so I'm glad we got him in before the first course of antibiotics had ended.

And while on vacation, I removed three more ticks from the children.
Boo to ticks.