Stale Shots from the Phone, Part Three

I never blogged about our in-the-dead-of-winter-let's-drive-13-hours-one-way honeymoon to Wisconsin because, although I took the camera along, I didn't use it.  I took phone pictures that I texted to the girls and the brave and loving Owen Dude and Dudette, who were staying with all seven children, but since I didn't know how to transfer pictures off the phone and didn't care enough to learn, I had no snapshots to share (which, as you know, usually bars the event from Shotnaps).


It was one of the best weekends I've ever had.  Since Nick had asked John to be a groomsmen, a good portion of it revolved around wedding activities (it was the whole reason we drove out, after all), but we still found time to enjoy the hotel's water park (!), whizz down the water slide 12 times in a row, eat good food, and enjoy one another's company for FOUR STRAIGHT DAYS.

Here's to Wisconsin!  That fine state is now synonymous for exotic getaway in my mind.

(The best Polish food in Ohio is found here.)

(Yeah, baby.)

(Passing through Chicago.)

(Wisconsin is cold in January.  Wisconsin = Exotic getaway.  I never said Wisconsin = Tropical getaway.)

(At the diner, I had a light breakfast snack.)

(With a dead horse on the side, please.)

(Part of the water park we played in, as seen through a window. I sucked in my stomach and pretended I was just chubby instead of six months pregnant.)

(Fancy hotel.)

(Handsome fellow.)

(Handsome fellow with some pregnant girl.)

(Blurry, fancy hotel as we drove away.)


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