I've been a terrible excuse for a snapshotter when it comes to taking pictures of anything other than
1. Birthdays
2. Children in the rain
3. Children sitting on the couch
4. Children working in the garden
5. Children asleep on the floor
6.  Children doing nothing in particular
7.  And So On

Since she was born, I've taken one picture of Cadence with my mother, and none others of her with anyone outside of our immediate family.  WHAT?!  We've seen my sisters many times, we've had two visits from our Owen family since Cadence's birth, and we've traveled down to see them once.  Cadence has been held by family and friends many times over, but she'll think no one loved her by the time she's big enough to hunt for baby pictures of herself.

Except for Aunt Sarah Owen.  She'll know that Aunt Sarah loved her.

Thanks to taking the camera out for an hour during our week-long stay, she'll also know that Uncle Bryan organized a relay race.

AND she'll know that Mrs. Judy brought over cupcakes for her brothers and sisters to frost and decorate.

...and eat.

And if she ever clicks here, she'll discover that she missed out on tons of fun while she was listening to lectures at a convention.  Hopefully, she'll never find out, or, if she does, she'll love Lafferty so much she'll know she got the better end of the deal.

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