Mining Black Gold

Part of our garden chores each year is shoveling several wagonloads of manure and transferring them from my mother's horse pasture to our gardens.  This involves lots of labor, as you can imagine, and everyone pitches in.

Well, not everyone...

We take turns shoveling it off the wagon.

These two nut berries wanted a picture together.  Don't they look proper?

Or not so proper...

It's not the most fun chore, loading and unloading manure, but these happy faces are the result of finishing the last load for the year.  Yippee!

Side note:  I don't know why girls seem so girly, even when they're not.  Annika unconsciously rested in a similar fashion eight years ago.

We are assuredly the fairer sex, even with grubby feet.

Also (not) of (any) note (whatsoever), I always seem to grow my nails out during garden season before chewing them to the nubs again.  You know those strange pictures of anonymous hands holding nail polish?  Here's my antithesis to the classic French manicure-- a Manurecure.  Don't all rush out to get your own all at once, now.

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