Proof's in the Pudding

I've been so lax with my camera for our last several visits (i.e. not taking any) that I told myself I'd be better this time around.  It wasn't until five minutes before we left for home, though, that I commanded Dude and Dudette to sit still for their FIRST EVER picture with Cadence.  Here, Cadence, see?  Your Grandma and Grandpa love you very much, and I actually documented it.

We had a wonderful visit, full of good people and good food and bits of adventure.  Hosting two big barbeque get-togethers and graciously preparing many meals for an extra family of ten (!) has earned these two many jewels in heavenly crowns, but even without the jewels, they'd do it anyway.

Thank you both for working so hard to make our visits rich with joy and cuddles and adventure and feasty things.  We love you bunches.

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