B.I.D.: Cowardly Lion

Talk about a costume suiting its wearer! (No pun intended.) Cadence's personality is unlike any other girl we've had. She's such a timid thing, still, and here she is as I take her snapshot, visibly concerned that the chickens scrounging close by may be readying themselves for a bloody attack.

She was quite shy for the first half of the night, but a few pieces of poison later, and she was trick-or-treating with gusto.

For Hallowe'en, we curled her with curlers, but it was a bit flat here. You get the idea, though.

She is one cute, cowardly lion.
(Costume cost: zilch. Prep. time: nearly zilch. This costume saved my sanity.)

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Rebecca said...

Oh Cadence! You are dear! It is so cool how your children fit so wonderfully into their roles...