Yes, I know the following posts are the blog equivalent of beating a dead horse. Humor me or skip them altogether, but in case you haven't noticed, I have a thing for costumes, and after spending too much energy on a thing, it somehow feels right to beat it further before leaving it utterly behind,
until next year, when the circus begins all over again. 

Regular posts about something other than costumes (thank goodness!) will return when they return.
Flesh and blood life continues to crowd out its electronic counterpart for now, as it should.
Until then, it's OZozOz until everyone swears off the Emerald City for life.


Nanno said...

You guys win at Halloween! I love the wicked witch outfit! Awesome, awesome, awesome!

Abigail said...

Thanks! Yeah, we were so pleased with how these turned out, I'm afraid that, in comparison, next year's going to be a disappointment. And I don't think I'll ever top that witch costume! Although, we're half-planning on doing a Peter Pan theme next year, and, if we do, no one wants to be Smee but me. Can you imagine?! I sense some big-bellied possibilities...

Also, this is a stupid place to put this, but I just read your email, and I'm going to call you next week! I should email that to you, too, huh. There's too much time to catch up on for an email, plus, we missed our yearly call last year (I blame Skylark and her decision to be a late fall baby).

Nanno said...

Phil and I recently decided that constantly trying to outdo ourselves with our costumes (or parties, or Christmas cards, etc.) is, at some point, a losing proposition. We'll enjoy and remember the highlights and not try to compete with ourselves (gods and champions of costumes and events that we are!).

We saw a Peter Pan group at Halloween this year. They were our favorite. In particular, we loved Peter Pan and his Shadow. The boys were identical in height and size (maybe they were twins, but we couldn't see the Shadow's face, so it was impossible to know if he was even related). It was quite the troupe, and we loved it! I think you would make a fantastic Smee. ;)

Rebecca said...

NEVER overkill!

And I have no doubt that next years' will top this years. I remember thinking you could never top the woodland costumes too- but you somehow always do!

Maybe it is just that costumes are so FUN to see and use and make, that each new opportunity to step inside that world is as wonderful as any other.

Abigail said...

"Exactly right!" to that whole first part, including the bit about you and Phil being champions. :)

Annika and Susannah were going to be Peter Pan and his shadow this year until we changed to Wizard of Oz. Next year, it's Smee and me all the way!

Oooooor, maybe we'll be sensible and have a relaxed Hallowe'en again. (Ha!)