B.I.D.: Scarecrow

This was one of the costumes I made on Hallowe'en Day. Having no time to properly figure out sizing, I blindly started cutting fabric to make the shirt, only to discover too late that I was two sleeves short, so the shirt is made from 3 different fabrics. Good thing scarecrows favor that style!

This girl-- oh, man. She wasn't that excited about Hallowe'en this year and thought ber costume would be boring. Thank goodness she ended up liking her character and costume both (though the costume was scratchy and "made her look fat." Ha!)

She was pretty perfect, and her grin is worth the 1/2 hay bale scattered all over our downstairs.

Costume cost: $2.00 for brown pants at the thrift store.
Girl inside all that hay: Beyond worth.

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Rebecca said...

The scarecrow was always my favorite of Dorothy's friends and Annika is just as likable a character as he.

She suits her role- but I feel for her with the scratchies!