County Fair, Day One

The first day, Debbie was able to come with us, so she was privy to our all-too common practice.  We left in a tizzy, as always, speeding along the roads with a dozen flower arrangements clutched between knees and white-knuckled fingers, shrieking when each wild turn broke off a bloom or two, and then, in a stroke of fate, we found ourselves trapped behind a slow-moving truck that sloshed liquid manure all over the road.  It was noxious and comical and infuriating all at the same time.


We arrived in time to drop the bouquets off for judging, and all was well.

For those who don't know, our county fair puts the "po" in podunk.  We pet some animals, walk through the sad midway, and catch a show or two.  The highlight is tallying up our ribbons, estimating our winnings, and then spending a portion of those winnings on fried elephant ears and picnic food (for Day Two). 

This year, though, there was something new!  Something odd and confusing and mysterious!

Mechanical chickens that tell jokes and sing?  It was either a bomb of an idea or brilliant, and I'm still not sure which.  I do know that the seats were empty almost every time we walked past. ("Chicken jokes.  Push green button..."  You can bet we pushed that button!)

Millie predictably sniffed out some handiwork.

We befriended bovine.

We delighted in the World's Naughtiest Pigs, who spent more time scampering away from their small owners than they did displaying their showing ability (probably because these pigs had no showing ability).

We ate our yearly elephant ears (of COURSE).  If only John had been with us, this would be my favorite family picture to date. The boy wearing a wife beater in the upper left corner will have to stand in.

Annika and Piper were the stars of the Lumberjack Show.

This show was probably my favorite part of the fair.  With all its corny humor, Dad would have enjoyed it, too.

And that's it for Day One!


Emily Wilwerding said...

I was just last night telling my husband we should go to the local fair next summer so our girls can see all the animals! I know they would love it, and I would too! I have such great memories of the 4-H fair when I was a girl. Maybe our girls will be in 4-H in a few years.

Abigail said...

Yes, do! They're a simple diversion, and the girls look forward to it all year. I was in 4-H when I was younger, just for horse barrel-racing, though, so I didn't get into the crafty or exhibitor's side of things, and I've been thinking about how much the girls would enjoy being part of a 4-H group.

trawlerman said...

I've got to remember to pay that kid for sitting in on family photos for me.

Abigail said...

He doesn't deserve much. He wouldn't even sit in the same section as us.