Down from the North Country

Last week, Leah drove down for a visit with her seven children.  Scott had to stay home (dairy farmers have no vacation), and we missed him, but, boy, was it good to catch up with Leah and the cousins again.  So good, in fact, that I neglected to bring the camera out for more than one picture.

They are such good boys, truly, and I wish we could see more of them.  (The girls are sweet, too, but they're eating outside the frame here.)

We had a full day with lots of visitors who wanted to see the Terrys while they could, and we ended the night with Zeke's birthday pinata, which we'd stored in the basement since the end of April, just waiting for the right time to fill it with candy and bash it to pieces.

He was practically quivering with excitement.

So were some others...

Thanks, McGamma!  Once again, your birthday gift made the children of three families happy-hyper-happy!

After a late night, Johnny and Millie set up the tents, and everyone dropped off, fistfuls of candy tucked away.  It was such a wonderful visit, and though two days is fine, two weeks would be finer! Just in case, Scott, you find a farmer willing to take over for a few weeks...

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