Quickly Now

Another year, another BOOKS graduation party.  Zeke came along this time and had his first experience with a roller-skating rink.

Piper!  Ignore the inexplicably enormous television!

The party was on John's birthday, and he proved his wonderfulness by watching the baby so I could rollerblade around like a maniac.  I haven't been skating since I was 18, but I found I still like to skate as fast as possible, small children be darned.  I think when my mid-life crisis comes, I'll be tempted by motorbikes AND rollerblades, and since one is considerably cheaper than the other, you can expect to see a 45-year old Abigail riding along the highways on rollerblades.

Oh, yes.  And here are some small children, looking awfully cute and wobbly.

While the girls went on the water slide, this shorty-pants played mini-golf, also for the first time.

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