Too Orderly by Far

But they're on my camera, so I'm compelled to post them.

Tea for winter.

Petals for infusing.

Cukes for pickles and beans for bellies and jars.

Flowers for our spirits.

Herbs for our suppers.

Upper garden before the late blight wiped out half the tomatoes.

Who knew okra blossoms were so beautiful?

Or roasted okra so yummy?  (All you southerners, go ahead and shake your heads at the ignorant North.)

"I'm going out to the garden to pick some vegetables!"  (A couple of hours and 3 1/2 bushels later.)

The first batch of pickled beets.

A little island of lovely in the sea of kitchen mess.

Raspberry jam, compliments of that bowl I did end up forgetting in the refrigerator, Beck. :)


Deborah Johnson said...

Such bounty! :)

sarah said...

Beautiful! Can I apprentice with you?

Abigail said...

If that means I get to see you after all these years, YES, YES, YES!!!

Here's your fair warning, though. To arrive at the pretty snapshots in this post, mostly all you do is try to ignore huge piles of mess, fruit flies in your face, week-old vegetable peelings under your feet, and the like. (Candy helps, though. Always.)