Family Photo*

My oldest brother needed some photos for a paper he was writing as part of his master's program.  I scanned and sent quite a few, and the girls and I laughed at every single family picture, because I was the world's homeliest child.  Mom protests every time I say this, but, really, only a mother can deny it.  (Things didn't start to look up until I was in high school.)

Ever heard the term "red-headed step-child?"
It was babies like this who inspired it.

*Sorry for excluding you, Luke, Joel, and Deborah, though, frankly, it's your own fault for not having been born when the picture was taken.


Deborah Johnson said...

You've always been so photogenic, Abigail. I'm green with envy.

Abigail said...

You know this, but this is actually one of the cuter pictures. Once home-cut bangs entered the equation, it was all downhill.