Where on Earth Are the Bride and Groom?!

The first week of August, John's sister Sarah got married.  She was stunning.  The ceremony was on a dock overlooking the water, all sun and wind and seagulls.  Our boys were ring bearers, Piper and Luci were flower girls, and the older girls read scripture.  John wore a suit and was the most handsome man in attendance.

Even with all of that incentive, I only took two pictures.  Failure.

Here's Aidan, sleeping his way through hors d'oeuvres.

And here are Piper and Luci, harnessing Zeke so he wouldn't fall off the dock.

To offset my laziness, here are some pictures that other people (mostly John) took, and, better yet, here's a highlight video (don't watch it if you hate romance and lovebirds kissing, though). 

That's even better than dozens of mediocre snapshots on shotsnaps.

The only other wedding-related snapshot I have is this one of fabric scraps.  John's sister bought one Extremely Large Bridesmaid's Dress from which I could make the flowergirl dresses ('cause she knows I like to chop things).  Even with removing several inches off the bottom of Luci's in order to make her straps, I only had these scraps left at the end of the day.  Whew.  

It was such a whirl of a weekend, I didn't take many snapshots of anything.  
The drive down takes us through the city,

and across the George Washington Bridge, boats sailing underneath.

When we arrived, Zeke tried on his ring bearer outfit, only to find it was well-suited for television watching.

They all turned into t.v.-heads.

The day after the wedding, we had a barbeque with more food than even our family could handle.  An exhausted Pip slept through the preparation.

Annika has energy crackling out of every corner, so she played soccer.

Luci relaxed in front of Grandpa's enviable flowerbeds.

And then we drove home again, jiggety-jig...

through the city.

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