Bon Voyage

A few weeks back, John's folks came for a visit with Bryan, Sarah, and Elijah, who are making a big move to a new state. This is both exciting and Very Sad for Those Who Dote on Elijah.  Lord willing, we'll see him again before he hits puberty, but the girls soaked up as much of him as possible, just in case.

Oh, Elijah!  It's a wonder we even let you out of our arms.

Here's a picture Sarah took of him wearing the sweater and booties Millie made.  We just about died when we saw it.  Isn't he sinfully cute?!

Of course we turned our attention away from Elijah for a few scattered minutes here and there in order to enjoy time with the Big People who drove him to us.  Grandpa proved his talent with this game, beating two girls in a row.

Uncle Bryan survived many trips down our little hill.

Lucinda celebrated an early birthday with a pile of presents.

And cake!  Never let it be said that Grandma Owen ever passed up an excuse to treat her family to cake.  :)

The children's goodbye hug nearly did Dude in.  He was scheduled for surgery early the next morning, so hopefully any damage they did was fixed at the same time.




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Rebecca said...

just about the best hug ever