Making Stuff ('Cause Who Needs Sleep)

For a small stretch of time while John was away, I churned out some gifts that I wanted to make, most of them (you guessed it) long overdue. I like to make things, though I don't regularly make much other than meals and messes, so here's to making stuff.

A lace-edged scarf:

Wood-burned boards of all sizes.

A small mug (or drinking jar) board:

A medium cutting board:

A large cutting board:

A looong & skinny cutting board:

Some funny-looking spoons:

An appliqued table runner-- sunshine for a winter kitchen:

(Credit where credit is due:  I modeled the dancing, Dutch girls on this vintage embroidery pattern.)


Rebecca said...

All such incredible gifts. So beautiful. And what makes them all the more special is the fact that you are busy leading a busy life and running a busy household and you have so little extra time and yet you devote the eeked out moments (of sleep) to others. So the greatest gift in the making of all the wonderful gifts that you do is the gift of TIME. The truest gift of all.

And girl, you've got talents! ;-)

Abigail said...

Thanks for your kind words, Rebecca!

Just ask me how many things I've made since that spurt, though. And, while you're about that, ask Susannah if I've started her birthday gift yet. Her February birthday gift. Sigh.

Abigail said...

On second thought, DON'T ASK.