Ducks on a Dress, Take Two

A few years back, John had a YMCA membership, and he mentioned that he could take a guest (i.e. a lucky childer) swimming for free if he wanted.  Well, we never ended up taking advantage of that when he was a member, but Lucinda remembered it for this year's birthday date. 

While they were gone eating yummy food and paying to swim in warm water, I frantically tried to make Lucinda a jumper.  She hadn't asked for any presents, but I really wanted to finish it before her party that night so she had one thing to open from us, even though, truly, I don't think she would have cared if she only had the grandparent's gifts.

I winged a pattern and guessed on sizing based on a dress from her closet, hoping it would have some growing room, and it worked!  The waist is roomy enough for several years of Skinny-Bones-growth, hence the need for a sash to cinch things in.

I stole 8 heart buttons from my mom to finish things off, and they are perfect.

The duck/goose fabric was so thin that I had to line the bodice and skirt, and since I had to line it anyway, I decided to make it reversible, or "unversible," as Lucinda calls it, to get two dresses for one.

She loves it, and we love her.

(I didn't have a pattern, but there's no way I would have figured out how to enclose all the inner seams to make it "unversible" if not for these three tutorials that I cobbled together pieces of  in order to make the jumper. I had to compensate a bit when enclosing piping, lace edging, and the button loops, but the tutorials saved my tail.)


Rebecca said...

an unversible dress would be so hard to do! You are a true seamstress.

Love the duck dress, #1 and #2.

Abigail said...

Two words.

Internet. Tutorials.

I would have been completely flummoxed without them. :)