Winter Pixies

I made Lucinda a promised bonnet for her birthday, too.  I didn't follow a pattern, but just cut out one piece of fleece (folded on top) for the outside and another for the lining in roughly this shape:

I appliqued a duck on each side and sewed a scrap of trim along the front edge of the outside before attaching the lining, and then I added piping along the lower edge and i-cord ties (thank you, Millie) when I sewed the lining to the outside. 

 She's been wearing it non-stop, so I think she likes it.

 She wanted me to take a picture of her pelican's cape, which I made on her request, using the very last scrap of leftover yellow fleece.

 And guess who wanted a bonnet, too?!

Piper got hers two days later, made the same way, only with brown lining, black piping, different trim, and two SKUNKS in place of the ducks.

Two happy girls...


heidiann(e) said...

Oh, they are beautiful! The girls, and the bonnets.

cadie said...

Wow! You had the perfect cheery trim to go on them. It reminds me of something Scandinavian, or Dutch, or...something. (Obviously I don't know my ethnicities very well.) I shouldn't even try to make anything for your girls... the stuff you make is so much better! ;-) :P

Rebecca said...

I LOVE these bonnets. Oh my word. When I saw Lucy in her ducky get- up on that Sunday I just about fainted away. Had there been a swooning couch I definitely would have. ;-) And the skunk one is great too. Love them both.

I have trim similar to that (sort of Scandinavian-esque) that I fondle every now and again and wish I knew just what perfect thing to do with that little bit of a scrap. I think I now know.

Full of Grace said...

Those are BREATHTAKING...SO SO BEAUTIFUL Abigail. You are talented. You should REALLY open an etsy shoppe. I for one would buy from you for sure!!

Abigail said...

I'm so glad you did, though! ;)

I'm glad you girls like these! We were pretty pleased with how they turned out, and I'M pleased that they are already wearing them out from constant use.

No need to buy one. I would make one for free!