Phew. (Really. PHEW.)

Happy belated Valentine's Day, everybody!  Here's to paint, glue, and scraps of paper at every turn!  (Thank goodness we have over 300 days until the next go-round.) 

All piled high, here are a lot of the valentines the children made, both for next year's reference and also to preserve two days of work somewhere other than the recycling bin, which is where most of these probably ended up the day they were delivered. 

Now that the children (except for the two littlest) can create their own cards, I love to see their personalities reflected in the valentines they choose to make.  I usually collect a bunch of ideas from the internet first, and I have a pretty good idea regarding to which ones each girl will gravitate.


And then there are Susannah's delicate renderings of these valentines, bigger than the original, which I wish I'd remembered to photograph in natural light. 

Until next year!