Last week nearly three feet of snow fell in a 36-hour period and draped the land as far as we could see.  Wild winds buried the back steps and furnace vent every hour and packed the second floor windows, cloaking the house in snow and leaving rooms dim and funereal. Ground feeders that normally congregate at the compost pile couldn't reach it, as it lay feet below their beaks, and flocked instead to the birdseed by the house, pecking their fill and driving small-boned birds away for a time.  John missed work due to a travel ban, and I hunkered beneath blankets while the children whooped and dug gopher hidey-holes, coming in hours later all crusted thickly with snow, their faces glowing pink and dewy. 

Snowsuits still dry by the fire, but warmth and light return, and the snow begins its slow farewell, sinking inches lower each day and leaving patches of brown that stand out starkly from the blinding white.

It's hard to find traction.  I've been slogging along most days, some days less than others, and even snapshotting has stilled.  A dozen and a half pictures to show for three weeks, and half of them for buildabelly?!  Yes, I hear that collective gasp of horror!  Not to fear.  Daylight grows, and, with it, energy will return.  The next post will may have dozens of pictures to overwhelm the faithful.
(Be wary.)


Rebecca said...

I posted on my blog the other day some of the very same sentiments. And a picture of gorgeous gradated eggs. Great minds and all that.

Can't wait (weight?) to see what food things you've been cooking. I'd love for you to post a recipe for the svelte arms posted in your weight gain journey post. Think about it.

Abigail said...

I wrote the post last week but didn't hit publish until I had uploaded the pictures from my camera. When I did, I had to delete one picture of eggs from this post because it was identical to the one you posted-- same angle, same color of eggs in the foreground, & same in the background. I'm nothing but a copycat!

I'll update buildabelly at some point. I haven't taken pictures of food for a couple of years, and I decided recently I should shut buildabelly down or just update it already.

And HUMAN ARM stew?! Gross. Your tastes are repulsive. ;)

Molly said...

All of that SNOW! I've never had the pleasure of seeing such snow or even playing in it...some day, though, some day.

We hit 86 degrees here today and spring has sprung. Wildflowers are at their peak blooming a full month too early. I can't imagine what's going to happen when many of our trees didn't drop their leaves until December/January and now they're fully leafed out for spring. That's not enough recovery time but then, nature finds a way. I fear we're in for an early hot summer. I'm using my car AC but holding off on running it in the house until it's just too unbearable. David says, "June." Oh, sure.

Much love!

Abigail said...

I know where you can come to find some...as well as lots of little people who will show you just how to play in it!

I can't even imagine that heat! It's unreal. Right now I have a ski hat and a bathrobe on over my clothes. I'll turn our HEAT off in June and think of you with the AC on full blast. :)

Full of Grace said...

Thinking about you...Hoping you all are well :)