Oh, Aidan.  Quit being cute and get off the laundry pile.

When you intend to take an attractive picture of a pot pie for buildabelly and instead, at twilight, take a picture of the last piece looking lonely in the pan.

A boy hard at work....

drawing a pirate ship for his big sister.

When this is the cleanest spot in your house, and it's covered with fabric to sort all mixed with bins of spring/summer clothes mid-switchover, you realize you're a pretty stupid person.  (It really WAS cleaner than the other downstairs rooms, too, or, at least, no worse.)

Day-before-Easter baking mayhem, Chief Hulk presiding.

Here are boys big enough to make their own peanut-butter banana shake to split.

I kept this picture because when I saw it, I thought, "She looks like me when I was a baby!"  Then I looked at this picture again and realized that, nope, she's nothing like that red-headed stepchild.


Rebecca said...

Ah- but look how nice and tidy and organized and color coded that cabinet is?! Your eyes can rest there for sure!

Don't you love how tongues help guide fingers to do things children want?

A whole new world was opened up to me this Easter. Last summer at a yard sale it was fill a bag for .25 and I grabbed a couple of chocolate molds I thought I may use someday. There were many more- but I bypassed the Santa's for the cute little ducks and things. This Easter I made my first chocolates and discovered how fun it is! I wonder how many cool molds are out there waiting to make chocolate shapes?! It's a whole new world waiting to be discovered.

At A.C.Moore I found some egg shaped molds this year so I used a coupon and bought it. I love the idea of your chocolate eggs but I was being lazy and didn't want to have to empty and sterilize the shells and then pick up the shard mess later. Had I been using more than two brain cells, I would have thought ahead of time that HALF an egg mold requires TWICE as much work to get a finished egg. The night before Easter I started making and freezing 14 halves of eggs from two egg molds. And then they kept breaking because the mold was hard and required banging (which I did too hard.) So no one got candy-filled chocolate eggs this year. Thankfully I was able to successfully make 6 halves before going to bed so they acted as baskets full of candy instead. It worked out alright but my plans need modifying.

Maybe I will try using plastic eggs as the molds next year?

And yes- Cadence is definitely your girl!

Abigail said...

I'm glad you didn't leave a horrified comment about the AMOUNT of that tidy, organized fabric. :)

Hurrah for chocolate egging! That sounds cool. I have a couple of molds that were passed along to me, but I just use them for lollipops and such, which are more straightforward (and easy!) than hollow eggs. It might be because I've been doing it for quite a few years, but it's not that overwhelming a process now. I empty the eggshells out for an egg breakfast a few days prior and coat them with chocolate the day before Easter. I'm actually intimidated by those hollow egg forms. It sounds like a ton more work! Not to mention, I'd probably break every last egg trying to remove them from the forms. I'm impressed you got six!