The Birthday Breakfast

Annika wanted her birthday breakfast delayed because she was afraid a rich breakfast would ruin her for her cheesecake dessert Monday night.  Wise girl.  Cheesecake on Monday and a breakfast feast on Wednesday it was.

I always make extra caramel topping for these rolls. When one has caramel rolls once a year, one should make extra caramel topping.


Everyone sings to Annika for a THIRD time.  She'd better have a happy birthday this year!

Poof!  Again.

Dig in, kiddos!


Rebecca said...

Actually, that savory dish in the center is what has got me... yum.

Abigail said...

I do like it when someone requests strata for a birthday breakfast. We only have it then or sometimes when John's folks are here for breakfast, and we all love it. (Who wouldn't?)

We should invite you for breakfast for another excuse to gobble some ourselves.