Daytime Egging at Home

The day before Easter is always the best time to stain one's nails, hands, and/or arms, depending on how serious one is about the dying dyeing process.

My children always liberally stain the table and floor, too, because they are SERIOUS.


Rebecca said...

Brave soul. You didn't even do it outside! We skipped dying eggs this year. Not on purpose. Very last minute (as in about 11:45pm on Easter Eve), I dunked already shelled hardboiled eggs in dye for colorful deviled eggs and I realized that I never had the kids do any.

I thought about doing some later and then thought- well, without the celebratory Easter it doesn't seem right.

Or maybe I saw this picture.

Abigail said...

People do it outside?! Now there's an obvious thought that never entered my brain. Then I'd have to lug the folding table outside, along with all the paraphernalia, and then it might be too sunny to see or a rainstorm might blow in, ororororor. (Abigail Lazybones.)

Maybe next year you'll share in the mess?