The Sweetest Peach

She did not walk to the daffodils by herself.  I was devious and placed her there myself, because I knew that before I changed her out of her Sunday dress, I needed to take snapshots of her discovering daffodils for the first time.

She was so sweet.  Every time a daffodil head popped off in her hands, she looked slightly startled and then gently tried to replace it, with no success.

I take too many snapshots, but this is one instance in which too many was necessary.


Nanno said...

I miss daffodils. We don't get so many at this altitude anyway, and with goats swarming over our property there's no hope for the few that might try.

Congratulations on being THIRTY-EIGHT! Can you believe we're this OLD?? I even have a three week head start on you. But at least I'm not bald (I loved that post by the way). I have a few silver hairs on either side, but I've been leaving them be for fear they will come back longer and thicker if I try to remove them. Right now most of the gray ones still blend in quietly with the blondies that have always lived near my ears.

Full of Grace said...

She. And these photos are Precious.

Rebecca said...

Oh- #7! And the last one! Lovely girl!

Abigail said...

Goats bring their own brand of color to the landscape, though!
And QUIT RUBBING IT IN, Mrs. Few Silver Hairs Near Your Ears. If silver hair = wisdom, then that must explain why so many are sprouting all over my pate, I guess. :)

Elizabeth & Rebecca,
Agreed about that baby. She is something else.

sarah said...

Perfect. I love her little face in that hat!

Rebecca R. said...

I love the one with her little tongue out as she reaches for the daffodils! Such blue eyes! Love this little peach...can I have her?!