A Plate of Poison for Everyone

No, not the carrot cake, silly! (I took this picture to show you how I used up the last of those giant Texas pecans I've been hoarding, Molly.)

The forsythia had just begun to bloom, and the daffodils woke up the day before Easter, just in time to put a pretty plateful of poison at each spot.

No one died, and I think the few minutes I spent admiring all that color was worth the risk.


Rebecca said...

I'm pretty sure I have told you this before but I am jealous of your forsythia. Matt has banned me from planting it on our property. He hates the stuff.


I think I came up with a solution! I think I am going to plant it up in the gamelands and then I can just walk there and get some fronds whenever I wish. Or maybe I can sneak some in the woods without him knowing.

Anyway- your table looks glorious...just as an Easter table ought.

Abigail said...

BOO! How can anyone hate the unrestrained explosion forsythia?! He must be a spring Scrooge. A hater of yellow?

I will hand off a few slips any day you like, underhanded weasel that I am.

Abigail said...