Hot on the Track

First year.  First basket.  Cute baby in the wind.

Aidan is nearly three.  He was a little more impressed by the whole celebration this year.

Ezekiel was here nearly five.  An old pro.

And then the storm arrived.  Poor, shivering Lucinda.

Springtime cheer!

The wind was really whipping now, with driving rain, but Piper wanted her basket hidden outside anyway.

I put it in a normally excluded (but protected from the elements) hiding spot.

Then I declared a cease-fire, and we took a break until the storm blew through.

Susannah was next.  She found her basket before the broken-down barn cat did.

Annika thought I surely wouldn't hide it inside the chicken coop.  That's just gross.

But I DID hide it inside the chicken coop.  (It got some chicken droppings on it, too. That's just gross.)

Millie would have been happy if I just handed her her Easter basket, but nothin' doing.  She has to earn it!  I did hide it in an insultingly easy spot, just to get it over with.

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