John Wayne is NOT Dead

Now that he's older, Johnny stays close to home, mostly napping on the lawn, unless his buddy down the hill runs up here and entices him away for a few hours or a nighttime romp. A month ago, he was missing for nearly four days, though. Calls to the dog warden and the animal shelter turned up not a hair of his brown hide, and the dog warden called me a couple of times over the course of two days to tell me he'd asked around, to no avail. I was sure John Wayne was dead. (Pessimist!)

 One morning, he just appeared next to our compost pile, and we welcomed him back with great rejoicing.

Susannah didn't even mind when he sauntered over and went to sleep right where she was drawing animal figures.


Nanno said...

I'm glad John Wayne is ok. We had to say goodbye to dear old Cuzco last week. He was fifteen--a ripe old age for a goat. It was hard and we miss him, but he was ready to go. I hope John Wayne still has a ways to go!

Abigail said...

Oh, I was sad to hear about Cuzco. He was a mighty goat. I can't imagine there being another Cuzco in the history of the world.