Fans Are Not Optional

Pippi, Luci, and Zeke are always having impromptu tea parties, usually feasting on invisible tea and crumpets, so I gave them a big tub of hot chocolate mix and some boxes of cookies during the Twelve Days of Christmas.

The next day, everyone broke out their gowns and fans and had a feast.

Finding half a dozen identical photos like the one below gave away the fact that although she's clever enough to spell her name in sugar, Annika has not yet learned how to manually focus the camera.


sarah said...

That's a party I'd like to go to! We bought star fruit this week- two for 1.50- and as I cut them up I thought of a tea party in the fanciest place at Houghton, and I went to take a picture to show you that is been thinking of you and the first time I ate star fruit, but the plate was empty except for two small slivers that did not look pretty.
But star fruit always makes me think of you.

Abigail said...

Oh, oh, oh! I am so glad you mentioned this. I had completely forgotten about that Fancy Tea Party (during which I also had my first taste of starfruit...and only to date, I think). Now I'm grinning really big. Those were some good days!