On a Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Piper and the Tree Frog built homes from plastic (in a haze of smoky sunlight**),

Millie grudgingly submitted to a picture with her Mama,

and unbeknownst to both of us, Annika took one of my favorite pictures of this Papa's girl and me, one of few with we two since the days when she was little and more prone to cuddle with a beardless parent.

** This haze due to an impressive fire I made using only the primitive woodsman's tools of a plastic bowl of culturing yogurt and a towel, placed in the OVEN for safekeeping.  All one has to add to those is a quick flick of a switch to preheat the oven for garlic bread.  Instant blaze! Success!


Deborah Johnson said...

I've looked at all the new posts, and--as usual--I've been a sorry excuse for commenter (meaning I haven't left any comments at all). However. That picture of you and Mildred requires a comment. I am so glad that moment was caught. That's a beautiful photo, sister.

Renata AtSunnyside said...

I agree with Deborah - a perfectly captured moment that you will treasure! :)

Abigail said...

I love it, too, especially because that sort of interaction is so rare these days.

Abigail said...

(I love you, Mildred Bumpkin. Quit giving all your cuddles to that Papa-Hog!!!!)

Rebecca said...

It is lovely.