In the Nick of Time

For all her love of classic dresses, this girl's at the stage where we can find no appropriate dresses at rummage sales (or dresses that fit her at all, for that matter, besides matronly lady dresses), so this year she had to make do with skirts and shirt outfits for church.  So it was with great joy that she discovered the dress that McGamma intended for Annika fit her instead.  All it took was a red ribbon added as a sash, and her dream Christmas dress was born.  We've got ourselves an old-fashioned girl, for sure.


Renata AtSunnyside said...

What a beautiful dress! Ellie is at that stage (albeit a bit younger than your Milly - almost exactly Annika's age actually) and we have much the same problem with finding suitable dresses. She laments the fact as she would much prefer a dress over a skirt & top for church. We have, however, just received 5 garbage bags full of hand me down clothes for her (well apparently some will fit me as well) from a girl at church. Hopefully there is something there she can repurpose!

Molly said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Millie looks so beautiful and I love her dress! It's just as a Christmas dress should be. This picture is one of my favorites.

Much love!

Abigail said...

I love hand-me-downs! Hopefully she found some treasures!

And thanks, Molly. Maybe you'll see that girl in person one of these days. :)

Rebecca said...

You'd never guess it is a problem as lovely as your girls look every Sunday- but with Corynn I am having the same problems.

I think I should make her some things but the task seems so daunting when starting from scratch so I don't do it. It didn't occur to me that I could use OTHER things and repurpose them- that would eliminate quite a bit of work on my part. Good idea!

Millie looks beautiful and I love her style.

Abigail said...

The other girls have enough and more! It's only Millie in the in-between swamps of Wardrobe Land, hence, the prim skirts and shirts. (Although she IS a proper sort of old soul, so they suit well enough.) She's been dying for dresses this year, though, and I haven't yet made even one. If you beat me to it, that will surely goad me into it, right? (Nevermind. You already DID make Corynn that lovely twirly skirt, and I still haven't made a thing for Millie. Rats. So much for depending on other people to provide personal initiative.)