Urban Sprawl

I splurged for the children's Last Day of Christmas Gift, spending $50.00 of our Christmas money on 110 pieces of wooden bliss.   We already had a smaller set, but the bigger girls were craving more pieces to enhance their construction options.

This last week has proven that the purchase was not the worst I've ever made.  They are busy, big and small, with building and breaking down and rebuilding and all variations in between.  And since we spent the remainder of our Christmas gift on paying a stranger to repair our furnace so we could have hot water and oil heat for the first time in 3 weeks, I don't feel a bit guilty.  (Plus, after they go to bed, I get to build roads all by myself.)


Anonymous said...

So cool!!! Where did you find those cool tracks?!?

bessie said...

How could I be so silly! :D You tell where you got them at the top of the page!!! :P

Rebecca said...

A few years ago my sister got an entire clothing bin filled with train stuff off of Craigslist for like $20 bucks or something. I hadn't been more jealous of her Craigslist finds than I was then- except maybe when she found a gorgeous stained glass lamp for like $10 bucks or something ridiculous like that. Even with that, the train bin won out.

You'd think it would convince me to peruse Craigslist every now and again. But it hasn't. (No doubt a very good thing. Who knows the trouble I would get into if I did?)

I think that was money very well spent. It's really REALLY fun when they get out the Lincoln logs to build the houses and the PLaymobil to populate the city as well. Then, you have every single teeny toy out and about in your living room. ;-)

(Come to think of it~ you may regret that purchase after all.)

heidiann(e) said...

I also love making tracks. I also love to photo-document my creations.

Abigail said...

Sometimes I think I have children in the house as an excuse to play with their stuff. :)

We don't have Lincoln Logs, so with us it's wooden blocks and Legos and little animals and matchbox cars and train tracks and Playmobil...and you've seen how much Playmobil we have.

But I keep it all because they're actually using and enjoying it, plus the 10-year old in me still loves all of it, even if I sometimes mutter dark words as I stub my toes every two seconds. :)