The Second Day of Christmas

The reason that I saw that silver ring 'round the moon was that I stayed up late (as Colonal Abigail), preparing for the next day's company.  We had our big family get-together with my mom, my siblings, and their children (except the Alaskan Johnsons), which involves a jolly houseful of thirty some people, over 20 of whom are children.  Woot!

We rushed around all morning, too, and my girls deserve big blue ribbons for their amazing help.  I couldn't ask for better soldiers helpers in the front lines..

Having 20-odd cousins in one house at one time is kind of like this.  
This is a room without children:

And ten seconds later, this is a room with children.  Only in blindness would one not see children as a vast improvement.

Before all the cookies arrived to fill the stove, I took a picture of Becky's gorgeous peppermint cake rolls.  I had to.  We weren't allowed to eat them yet, and I had to do something.  

And this?  Oh, man.  Jae Ryong and Luke made the most delicious savory food in the place.  I lingered near these for a good long while to make sure they didn't feel lonely.  Along with the time Jae Ryong made jap-chae, this was my favorite culinary adventure at a family get-together.

Here's a library stuffed with girls playing "telephone."

And more games.

And that's all I took...


Renata AtSunnyside said...

A house overflowing with children (& family) is a blessing indeed. On my side, my poor children are the only children. It does mean that they receive loads of presents, but I do believe they would prefer loads of cousins!

What a wonderful Christmas celebration you had & I love your bottle collection seen in one of the photos ( I have a jug collection above one of our doorways)! Oh & our Christmas star is falling off as well. Since we weren't here for Christmas, I wasn't too concerned (it felt like a success just to get the Christmas tree up this Christmas)!

Abigail said...

Ah, so many similarities! I tried to fix the star a half-dozen times before giving up and just letting Hulk have his way.

Those boy cousins are a hoot. I took those pictures about 2 minutes after they arrived, and they were already tearing around the house making everyone jolly.