Year of Our Lord, 2016

It's a new morning and a new year.  We're still celebrating the last days of Christmas leading up to Epiphany here on the hill, so I'm avoiding all thoughts of fresh starts and trying agains and let's do it this time, for real.  Reflection is for the birds.

I am thankful for Advent-- the looking forward to Christmas with our eyes on the Light-- and I love just as much the gradual winding down of Christmas morning's heightened excitement, slowly subsiding through the Twelve Days until the kings arrive.  I remember the emptiness that sometimes arrived the day or two after Christmas when I was younger, the deflated feeling that often comes when something fervently anticipated has come and gone in a flash.  Celebrating a fuller season helps us avoid that, while continuing to smear the joy around like butter thickly spread.

So, for those of you resolved and determined, for those of you with paper and pen in hand, scribbling lists of betterment and improvement, I hail you!  Wishing you nothing but the best, I hunker down here on the couch under this blanket, salted caramel cocoa in hand and a cookie waiting on the coffee table, besides, trying to ignore the fact that hlearning begins again tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

cookie and cocoa!! :) :D

Renata AtSunnyside said...

Happiest New year to you & your family Abigail! A slow start to the year is great. New Year always occurs in the middle of our summer holidays, so I don't have to consider going back to schoolwork for at least another month. I do, however, have more than enough zucchini & cucumbers to deal with or else it will multiply on my kitchen benches, I'm sure :)

Molly said...

Ohhhh, that does sound lovely - and I'm with you! We, too, await the Epiphany before allowing thoughts of New Year actions to proceed. I had the luxury of being off this week, after working last week, so I've re-watched a few favorite Christmas movies, continued to enjoy the Christmas decorations and listened to some Christmas music. The decorations come down tomorrow but the spirit of the season remains in my heart all year through.

May your New Year be filled with continued joy and bliss-filled days!

Much love!

Abigail said...

Millie just asked me the other day if your children's school schedule follows the seasons like ours or is the calendar-same, and I told her I didn't remember. Now I do! She'll think yours are lucky ducks to be off right now while we grind along again, but I'll be sure to remind her in our mid-summer that children on the bottom of the world are not so lucky. :) Enjoy your produce! It seems that your gardening should be much more productive now that you actually have some water to go along with all that sun! Good things, all.

Thank you! We actually still have half of our decoration up, though the tree's on the compost heap. The children begged me to keep them up until we have our belated Epiphany party, and I didn't mind a bit. (I like the glitter.)

Abigail said...

...and here's the missing "s," for good measure.