New Year's Eve

In retrospect, making one and a half gallons of egg nog may have been overkill.

Aidan approved, though.


Rebecca said...

Is your eggnog cooked or raw? Is it alchoholic or non? (Well, obviously SOME must be non unless your Aidan was swaggering about for the rest of the afternoon...)

I made a boatload of eggnog this year too but I made it raw this year. Essentially, an egg smoothie with eggnog flavor. It had a delicious taste but because it was the uncooked variety, it was thinner and would separate into nog and foam pretty easily. Which is disappointing. That's what I get for laziness (and health benefits).

Abigail said...

Non-alcoholic. In fact, starting with our first Christmas, John and I had eggnog competitions in which he used alcohol and I used the imitations. We haven't done that in a while, though.

It was partially cooked and partially raw. I cobbled together two different eggnog methods this time, cooking a mixture of milk and egg yolks and combining that with a mixture of milk, raw whites whipped to stiff peaks, and whipped cream. I wanted the thickness of cooked eggnog, and the thickened yolks more than did the trick. Ours was actually way too thick, and was much better the next day when the whites had settled a bit. I also used a boatload of freshly grated nutmeg for the first time...WOW. The flavor was awesome; I'm pretty sure if John and I had a competition this year, I would have won by virtue of the nutmeg alone.