Leftovers to Begin the Meal

For the last six months or so, I've been waiting for the half-broken autofocus in my camera lens to die completely.  I thought that it would perhaps slow my snapshotting down to a reasonable amount. Well, the auto focus is now in the boneyard, and, judging from the amount of snapshots I just had to load, it hasn't helped slow things one bit.  I don't know if you'll cheer or groan to hear that, but here's the stack, piled as high as always, beginning with some leftovers.


I painted a Silver Surfer shirt for John, but I've decided to call it his Gunfight Shirt.  From ten paces away, it looks great, but any closer, and you can see the dozen+ smudges from me dropping the paintbrush on it, as well as the evidence of children racing around the table as I made it.

Just right for a gunfight at ten paces.

Annika made this hat for a secret recipient.

Piper fooled me well.  On Christmas Eve, she came to me and asked me to pull her front tooth out.  I'd been itching to pull it out all week, because she wiggled it back and forth so gingerly that I thought it might stay until she was twenty.  I asked her if I could take one last picture of her with two front baby teeth, and she gave Millie the look on the left before grinning big for the picture...with her tooth already gone.

She was as pleased as can be, the little trickster.

These two sometimes get along like cheese and wine.

Millie kneads salt into fresh butter.


Rebecca said...

My autofocus died last year and then other things began to go- so I thought I would need a new camera altogether. Since I kept spending my special 'camera fund' on porch boards and roofing (or groceries, since the grocery money went to porch boards and roofing) I figured I would just have to deal with it until it died completely. I dreaded Tiddles' arrival because I knew I wouldn't be able to take pictures of her and I (the only one who ever does). Then, I was asked to take pictures at Jonathan and Mary's wedding and it became a bit more pressing.

I went to a camera guy in Elmira and he said that all the problems were related to the lens and that it just needed to be tossed. But I didn't need to buy a new camera- just a new lens! That was hugely encouraging to me because forking over money for a whole new camera just wasn't happening.

I guess the lens problem is a common one that people have.

I started scrounging frantically about- taking clothes to OUAC and FF- and gathering up coins I've been accumulating for years and was able to scrounge up enough for a new lens two days before I needed it for the wedding!

All this to say- not having an autofocus is something you can live with as long as you aren't taking pictures of yourself. Then, it is basically impossible. But it is a PAIN. And as disappointing as it is to know that the lens is basically unrepairable, you should only have to come up with money enough for a new lens, not a whole new camera- which is somewhat encouraging. I hope!


Abigail said...

A few months back when the autofocus started to work only one in ten times, I "researched" (i.e. googled) a solution to find the same thing. A new lens will probably be in my future at some point, but for now, I'm telling myself that it's still a million times easier for me to snap a picture than it was for people living 50 years ago. That helps. :)

So glad you got a new lens in time for Tiddle! (Yeah, it was good for the wedding, too, but...Tiddle!)