39+ Weeks

This post is fondly dedicated to my unidentified bachelor brother, who called last week and informed me that he hates looking at Frugal Fancy-Pants posts in which I try and fail to simultaneously pull off Fancy and Very Large.   (The word "terrible" was also used, by whom I shall not say...)

I don't have the time right now to do a full F.F.P. post, as was my intent, but this snapshot's for you, Joel! unidentified bachelor brother!

Total cost of this outfit was about fifteen cents, so it counts.


Emily Wilwerding said...

You must have the most amazing thrift stores in your neck of the woods! I think you look adorable! As a pregnant mama, I've been on the receiving end of a few comments from bachelor brothers and while I try to take it with a grain of salt, I am firmly convinced that they should keep their mouths shut! (We love them anyway, right?)

Abigail said...

I don't even shop at thrift stores. They're too expensive! I do, however, go to two church rummage sales each year. I don't go for the regular sale portion but wait until the end when the "bag sale" starts. The one sale charges 5 dollars for a big, black garbage bag full of whatever you want, so, yeah, pretty amazing! This is why most articles of clothing I wear cost me under a nickel apiece. :)

As for bachelor brothers, I had to laugh at his shameless behavior. What a hoot! (I will warn any sweet girl who comes along not to expect comments about her glowing beauty, though...)