Millie made Cadence a little headband for her baptism.  It looked so tiny when she finished, but it somehow grew by the time it reached Cadence's dainty head.


Full of Grace said...

Millie did such a beautiful job on Cadence's headband would she want to make one a little bigger sized about 6-9 month size and I would pay her!!! She could use yarn you already have and it could be any color, so it would be all profit for her I would even pay postage for her to mail it to me. I'd love it if you would ask her when you get a chance and let me know!! Cadence is so beautiful!

Abigail said...

Oh, she'd LOVE to make one. She actually crochets the headband with embroidery floss, and the flower part of the headband "unbuttons" so that you can change the flower out for one of a different color. We've got tons of floss, so she could make the headband whatever color you want, and then make several flowers in different colors to button on it.

Just let us know what colors you want the headband, button, and flowers, and she'll hop on it!