The Baby's Here!

Bursting with pride, it is with great pleasure that we announce the arrival of our newest baby...

a dainty GIRL!

Because you're all interested in the details--

Name: Sophie

Weight: nearly 4 ounces

Length: 4" from beak to downy tail feathers

Here's the proud mama shortly after bringing her home.

What a sweet, little thing, holding her head up and already so alert!

I keep a steady keel on shotsnaps, sticking to fluff and nonsense, usually, because it's easiest for me, but along with some big things, I leave out lots of little things, too, and I never mentioned on here that our entire flock was decimated in a weasel's one-night slaughter at the tail end of last fall.  The girls were devastated, but the hope of chicks in the spring sustained them through a featherless winter.  

So now we have 18 chicks in our basement, with half a dozen more to come this week.  Hey, at least they're not in the bathtub this time.


cadie said...

Don't DO that! Gosh! I really thought you had a new baby girl named Sophie! Haha... I am too gullible. First of all, you would have named the post something much more poetic and nuanced than a simple "The baby's here!" if it was a real baby, second of all, you love to make your readers fall for it like that. Can't wait to hear about the REAL baby, though! (Who cares about chickens?! LOL)

Deborah Johnson said...

YOU GOT ME, TOO!!!!! You're horrid, Abigail.

Rebecca said...

My heart leapt into my throat and I got all tingly. That was mean and cruel.

(Although- in retrospect, I ought to have known. You were too giddy. When babies come you are more reflective than giddy (it seems to me).

Even still....


Molly said...

Hahahaha! You got me, too! I called out to David, "Oh my goodness! Abigail had a baby girl!" He came running to the back room saying, "Really? really?" Then, I scrolled down and saw the adorable baby chicks. He loved seeing those, as well. That was clever, you clever girl.

Looking forward to the REAL announcement soon, and BRAVO for fixing meals ahead of time! That will be a blessing after the REAL baby is born.

The chicks are quite precious!

Much love!

Renata AtSunnyside said...

Totally got me until I read the weight! LOL we love baby chicks around here - enjoy yours :)

Abigail said...

Drat, guess I forgot to put "chicks" after "Baby" in the title like I'd meant to.

Sorry for the scare, folks!

(And, Debbie, I am most surprised that you and Joel fell for it. Don't you know that the Nanticoke Grapevine System would reach you long before a measly blog?! The N.G.S. will still thrive long after the internet is taken over by the Singularity, no question.)