Genuine Article

Oh, so mean.  
As consolation, here are the only snapshots we have of the real babe so far.

I went for my first prenatal appointment at what I thought was 30 weeks along, but which ended up being close to 34 weeks along, so this first (and last) ultrasound of Polka'poose is of a baby almost ready to meet us!

I really hope he or she is that chubby.  My goodness.

Here's a sneak peek at the cutest leg bone I ever did see.

Nesting has kicked in full force, and though I've never been prepared enough to freeze meals ahead of time for the last seven babies, the stars aligned, I was possessed by Susie Homemaker, and quite a few meals are prepared, marked with a sign for Polka'poose,  and tucked away in the freezer.  Soon!


Rebecca said...

Is it me or does that baby look like an Aidan?!?! What a darling! Can't wait to meet you PolkaPoose.

(And well done on the food. I had one of those crazy binge making days too and that will make you very very happy very very soon.)

Abigail said...

Maybe it was that whiff of your industry that turned the tide for me! Plus, having a couple of extra meals in the freezer after John's folks watched the children for us back in January made me realize how glorious it is to pull a homemade meal out of nowhere.

Can't say it will happen more than once every couple of years, but it beats tator tots.

Full of Grace said...

I stopped by to see if baby had arrived. Then I see "its a GIRL" then I read on ;) That My Dear was quite a Teaser! ;) Looking forward to seeing when your little one arrives for real! :)

Abigail said...

So sorry! [Not sorry. :) ]
Would love to see you in PERSON this summer!