You Teewah!, Or, Party Van!

Zeke turned four on Sunday, and I present a funny sequence of pictures from his birthday breakfast.

1. Annika lights the candle.

2. The candle dies out while we sing.

3.  Annika relights the candle, but to no avail, because THE REST OF ZEKE'S LIFE IS RUINED BEYOND REPAIR.
    (And people say girls are dramatic.)

Don't worry; he perked up.  Strawberry pancakes with whipped cream and syrup will do that for you.  A side of sausage doesn't hurt, either.  (Credit to John for making breakfast while I snored upstairs.)

Zeke wanted another tractor cake this year, but after seeing Annika's birthday cake, he requested lots of dirt and "gummy worms stickin' up all over," also.

The tractor may look funny, but, by gum, I nailed the dirt and worms addition.

This picture is of terrible quality, but I love it.  Lucinda bought Zeke a vintage Fisher Price camera at a rummage sale, and she was very proud to give it to him.  It's one of his favorite gifts, and it's been a delight to watch her beam.

He even took a picture of his cake before we lit the candles.

Happy, happy birthday to our Little Boy Blue.  You are so dear to us, Ezekiel Walker.


Rebecca said...

Thank you Zeke, for turning the faucets I call eyes to laughter instead. This post just made my day. Those first four pictures were such a riot!

Renata AtSunnyside said...

Happiest Birthday to Zeke. Sunday 24th is also my twinnies birthday and we celebrated with pancakes, cream and syrup for breakfast too! :)

Abigail said...

He lives to serve. (That grouchy bug.)

Ha! That's pretty cool. I suppose it's the proper way to celebrate the whole world over!

heidiann(e) said...

Please explain the heading of this post.

You teewah? Party van?
Did I miss something?

Abigail said...

As you know, Zeke's pronunciation leaves something to be desired, unlike a 3 1/2 year old we know! He has this funny habit of grinning and saying, "You TEEWAH!" to people he believes are, in whatever way, cheating. You cheater! is an epithet he also uses way out of context, which is funny.

When he was two, John named a green matchbox van Zeke played with the "Party Van." Within weeks, that became one of Zeke's nicknames. He still comes running when we call "Party Van!" (I know this because I just tested it out, and here he is!)

heidiann(e) said...

Ah hahahahaha!

Thank you.
Being enlightened, I now admire that boy even more.