Frugal Fancy-Pants: Countdown

Countdown to both Baby AND the black-leather-maternity-pants-at-40-weeks-mark...

Exhibit A: 38 Weeks

Wear this outfit to church when the snow comes back.  Be glad for its comfortable stretch because you end up eating food enough for 5 at the ensuing church meal before going to the Sciencenter with your Heart and all the kiddos.

-dress: hand-me-down
-belt: under a nickel
-maternity skirt: rummage sale for under a nickel
-medical compression stockings: free
-black boots: borrowed from the biggest daughter who has nice boots
-little bird earrings: hand-me-downs
-black necklace: rummage sale for under a nickel

Total: under fifteen cents

Optional accessories: 
-A Very Sore Body: free with pregnancy SPD
-A grim expression: free with a Very Sore Body

Here's the front view, to show off the striped belly.

Exhibit B: 38 Weeks 

Forty-five minutes after Millie took the snapshots above, observe the glorious transformation back to real life.

Wear this "outfit" on a Sunday afternoon, when winter has returned with howling wind and snow, the roads are covered, and-- hopefully-- no one will unexpectedly drop by.

Black hat: rummage sale for under a nickel
White stretchy shirt: rummage sale for under a nickel
Red flannel pajama pants: part of a Christmas pajama set given to me a couple of years ago
Slippers: Christmas gift from a couple of years ago
My Husband's Bathrobe: a semi-permanent loan, courtesy of my Heart

Optional accessories:
-A happier expression, because at long last, you're sloppy and comfortable!: free
-Yellow duck towel, hung to dry by your stylish elbow

Side-by-side comparison:

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