Post Bail After 24 Hours

The van was still in convalescence the next day, so my mom brought the girls down so they could meet Cadence while the boys stayed at home with John.

They approved of the new girl.

Millie's made a tradition of bringing me a plate of sweets.  The last two times, it's been coconut candies.  I ate seven of them that afternoon and five more at home the next day.  So much for losing the 48 pounds that are still hanging around a week later...

And this man most handsome, my partner in crime, who's been serving up meal after delicious meal for us the last week and whose company I love.

He's my favorite.


Rebecca said...

Look at all that hair! Wow!

And I love Susannah's expression in that photo. I love watching the expressions of the children as they meet this little person who they know and love but have never met. It is pretty amazing.

Molly said...

What joyful faces as they meet their newest sister! Cadence will always know she is loved by your precious family. What a gift from God!

Much love!

heidiann(e) said...

Came back here to swoon further over these sweet baby photos.

I love the one of her folded against your belly in the other post.

And here I ask: what was John reading in the hospital? I have a similar photo of Phil holding Flora, reading in the hosp. (He was studying up on some classical ed curriculum.)

AND I want to hear more about her name-story, because I bet there is one!
And I love both names.

Abigail said...

He was finishing Tim Powers' latest novel...not quite as practical as classical ed. curriculum, but I can attest that it's a page-turner! :)

I'll blab too much if I type up her name-story in a comment, but I'll tell you next week when we see you. Hurrah!