Nixie Pixie Turns Twelve

Twelve years ago, this girl won a pearl for the nurse who delivered her.  After telling me I wasn't in true labor and advising me to go home and have a glass of wine, the attending midwife left for home, herself, leaving the pleasure of delivering a Nixie to the nurse who popped into the room on our request, and who told us with delight that her mother now owed her another pearl for a necklace she built pearl-by-pearl from the babies she delivered. 

I remember telling John, "This baby had BETTER come before midnight!"  and the nurses had me sign the hospital admittance papers seconds before Annika entered the world.  How disappointing it would have been to have missed an April Fool's baby by a hair.  A dozen days overdue, she was worth the wait-- our little Foolish Baby, born in the nick of time half an hour before April Fool's Day ended.

She's better than a thousand strings of pearls, too.

I was going to make her requested fancy ice cream layer cake, but the week before her birthday, John showed her an April Fool's Day breakfast suggestion he'd cut out from a magazine-- a cup of yogurt, covered in cookie crumbs to look like dirt.  The fancy cake turned into a dirt ice cream cake on the spot, with my hearty approval.

Perhaps the easiest cake I've ever made.  Layers of ice cream, whipped cream, hot fudge, and cookie crumbs...

Her birthday supper was even easy!  She normally asks for chiles rellenos, which is one of the most involved meals I make. This year?  TACOS.  What a gift!  I felt like it was my birthday.

Opening presents after supper, she attacked my mother with exuberant thanks.

Susannah bought re-lighting candles to put on the cake, which was an utter surprise to Annika, and which made the whole house jolly as we watched her surprise when they just wouldn't die out.

Nearly every year, she declares her birthday, "The BEST birthday I've ever had!"  This year was no exception, but it might just have been her best yet.  Hannah came for a sleepover, and following in Susannah's footsteps, Annie chose to go roller-skating after eating out on her birthday date with John. I suppose getting a unicycle from Grandma Owen may have helped tip the scales a bit, too...stay tuned for news of NO head injuries and emergency room visits.


Rebecca said...

I try to convince the kids to have icecream cakes every single year. I am not much of a cake fan myself-unless it is ICE CREAM cake. So far, I haven't had any luck. Though Andrew mentioned maybe asking for FUNNEL CAKE for his birthday dessert next year. That wouldn't be a bad change either. I guess I like that cake well enough. ;-)

Abigail said...

Millie's already leaning toward a cheesecake of some kind for her birthday. I am in FULL support of this. ;)

(The last time I made elephant ears was a couple of years ago, but I haven't made funnel cake since I was pregnant with Annika. John was working the late shift at the time, and the craving hit me around 11:00 at night. Ugh. One half batch of funnel cake later, and I was ready to give up on it for the next decade. I still love the stuff, though...)