Truncated Birth Story Without Even One Gory Bit! (*Okay, Maybe One)

We couldn't have asked for a better way to bring a baby into the world.
At least, that's true if you're talking to me; John might quibble a bit, as he was sweating bullets before the day was through.

Our gorgeous, spring Sunday went a little like this:
Steady contractions two to three minutes apart during church, and two hours later, a wave out the window and a hurried "hullo" to an old friend and her girls, then a quick duck into the gas station to buy food for the dumb mama-in-labor who had skipped breakfast that morning, followed minutes later by a crippled van streaming fluids onto the side of the road, seven children running barefoot in a field, a state policeman who was not a jerk (and since he was one of eight children himself, understood why seven children would run barefoot through a field),  many calls to find someone who would answer their phone and be able to pick us up; an hour after that, two vehicles to pick us up, a round of cleaning while we waited for the tow truck driver to bring John home, a speedy drive to the hospital, and then a walk around the block until enough doubled-over contractions made me want to be inside rather than out.

An hour (pain! more pain! ouch! GORE!*) later,

I bet everyone just skipped all the blabbering and scrolled straight to these pictures:

 (in the hospital)

And I don't blame you.  She is everything a baby could be.

It was a charmed day (except-- maybe-- for the nervous Papa).  When our friend Mary arrived with the first rescue-mobile to drive a batch of us home, Susannah came running over to say goodbye and gave me the biggest hug.  She was all dazzled over with excitement and said, "This has been SO FUN!  I think this is the best day of my WHOLE life!!!"  To her credit, I thought our day was pretty near the top, too.  Days later, I'm still brimming over with gratitude for everything about it.  An adventure on the ride home, the prayed-for gift of another natural VBAC without complications, and an evening that ended with her in our arms. Who could ask for more?


Rebecca said...

When you passed off Ineke because you were having a more intense contraction at church I thought- "Oh boy! I wonder if today is the day!!!" I didn't say anything, of course, because I know how irritating it is when people say "I wonder if today is the day" and it not turning out to be the day when you are 9+ months pregnant and SO ready for the day to be THAT one.

But I was thinking you might be in labor.

I can understand about the sweating bullets part- a broken down van adds a certain element of surprise to a birth story! So thankful it all worked out despite that potentially serious complication. And an hour after getting to the hospital? Congratulations! You are now among the ranks of fast-laborers. (Knowing of course, that laboring is happening outside the hospital for quite some time before getting to the hospital.) Even still, short labors at the hospital are pretty awesome!

-ML said...

I love that story and it will be one for the ages, to repeat to Cadence, about the day she was born. So happy to hear that it all turned well. This is why we include the Owen Family in our daily prayers for blessings and safe-keeping.

Much love!

Renata AtSunnyside said...

Love the story and you ended up with a beautiful gift there. I will say that I was feeling slightly sorry for John though - mama in labour and broken down cars are not a good mix. Glad it all worked out in the end and that it is indeed a wonderful day to remember.

Abigail said...

It WAS awesome! After it was over, I told John that the day had gone too perfectly and that I was waiting for an earthquake or tornado to even things out. I really could not have asked for a better labor than what I was given, and even though there were a few nights of mild labor ahead of time that probably sped things along a bit, it was my easiest labor yet, and definitely the one with the shortest duration of painful parts. I'm not complaining. :)

Thank you for those prayers!

The state trooper was looking a little nervous, too, and while I breathed through contractions, he asked several times if we'd like him to call an ambulance. ;) Turns out that his wife is a midwife at a local hospital, was three weeks from HER due date, and has very quick labors. He was probably envisioning a roadside delivery!

Emily Wilwerding said...

Congratulations!Love the birth story.

Griffen said...

What a great story! And Hongera Sana! Meaning: hearty congratulations:)