50 Snapshots Later

I blame it on baby kittens, their eyes barely open, and children I love watching swallows from a barn window-- one of the deadliest combinations imaginable.

I'm glad we have these pictures, at least.  John Wayne kept barreling over to their hiding place, so Fruity absconded with the kittens several weeks back, and we haven't yet found them, much to the girls' sorrow.

Oh, lovely Nixie.  Annika Arden.  You grow too big.


Renata AtSunnyside said...

The kittens are so cute! Although I am not a cat person (don't tell our cat though because he thinks I love him since I saved him as a kitten and bottle fed him), I do adore kittens!! I was thinking how grown up Annika was looking and then I remembered that she is the same age as my Ellie and Ellie surely is growing up before my eyes at the moment. She is about an inch shorter than me and she is eagerly anticipating the day she reaches my height. As I am a lofty 5'2" it's not really a great feat. However, I couldn't wait until I was taller than my Mum ( I'm still awaiting the day) so I understand her eagerness. Anyway I've turned this comment from your original subjects into a comment all about me - sorry about that. I hope you are all going well. I pray often for you and your Mopsy too.

Abigail said...

Hey, I'm not one to quibble over the content of a comment... It's a comment! Woohoo!

Annika is a shorty-pants herself, and I'd be surprised if she overtook me (I'm 5'8"), but Millie eyes me every week, scheming about how much longer it'll be before we see eye to eye. Mopsy is 5'2", as well, so the girls use her as their benchmark instead of me, because they don't have as far to grow. :)

Thanks so much for your prayers. Grief seems to stretch on as long as the missing does.

Rebecca said...

We have two week old kittens and three 2 month old kittens to get rid of- so if your girls are missing those kittens....well, we could fix that! Just say the word! (And the word is not NO, btw)

Love that last picture of Annie.

Abigail said...

Eh, two have returned with their Mama. You sure YOU don't a few more to round things out?