Over-documented May Day (but isn't everything these days...)

On May 1st of this year, fake forsythia still filled our vase, so it wasn't the best year for May baskets spilling over with wildflowers.  We only had daffodils for the baskets, so we made cookies to plump the meager pickings.

The children were still sleeping, save Zeke, who kept trying to steal cookies,

and this girl, who actually helped.

Right after breakfast, they frosted cookies,

(I helped a bit.)

and then they made their baskets.

Scary dogs live at this neighbor's house, so we borrowed the mailbox.  A May Day felony!

This year, Mrs. Ellis didn't catch us red-handed, thank goodness, but a week later, a thank you note arrived in our mailbox, so something gave us away, anyway.

On our drive home, the girls had already determined to expand the May Day cheer next year.  "Let's make baskets for EVERYONE on all three roads!!!" they cried.  Then I cried, too, just thinking about such a feat and how many dozens of construction paper baskets we'd have to make all-in-a-rush on May Day morning.


Rebecca said...

I've always wondered at May Day and why it isn't May Day in, say, June/July because that is when there are actually more than a few little stalks of flowers available! Cookies were a brilliant solution though.

I wonder if extending the merriment to Warren Center might be possible for next year? ;-)

Abigail said...

Warren Center's probably too far. We tried to get you to live in Nanticoke! ;)