An Ordinary Afternoon

I'm a rich, rich girl.

(I took this picture after being lured to the tree by a high-pitched, sing-songy song, "I'm at the hiiiighest height, the highest height, the hiiiiggghhest height."  To her credit, the littlest girl had climbed quite high, in her skivvies, no less.


Rebecca said...

Your clothesline looks so much like mine...barely able to keep its' head up. The lower line has fallen completely off and a stiff wind looks like it could knock over the main part any day. Since our dryer has been broken for about two years now, if the clothesline finally falls we are going to be in trouble! I doubt it will get rebuilt before taking the final tumble though- it would be far too progressive for us to fix a problem BEFORE it became a problem!

Abigail said...

It's too bad your husband just sits on his thumbs all day long. It'd be nice if he was handy or could build things, huh? Too bad. ;)

Our dryer was broken for a couple of years, too. Once you have one again, it'll feel like a miracle machine! I acted like a Stone Age human marveling over it for the first couple of months.