Spring Arrives in the Big Woods

First of all, I took a foolish amount of pictures (sometimes it happens to the best of us), and we were gone so long that my generally laidback mother actually came searching for us, thinking that perhaps we'd been attacked by bears (rarely, this also happens to the best of us).  I told her we were just going to pick leeks, but we were distracted by all the other good in the wood.

Second of all, here's a funny picture of me and Aidan looking like twin, squinty-eyed doofs. 

Onward!  To the Big Woods!  

I don't know why the girls went through a brief phase of muscleman poses, but I have a handful of pictures to prove that they did.

Wild strawberry blossoms, trillium, wild leeks, spring beauties (fairy spuds!), fairy tales, candy canes, cinnamon ferns, woodpeckers, popcorn, toads, frogs, salamanders of all sizes, trees, rocks, leaves-- it's no wonder we were gone all day.  But no bears.

(One of the girls tried to camouflage her salamander here.)

Hey, look!  It's the doofy twins, again!  (The smaller and cuter one kept waving at the camera.)

She brought this one home.

She wanted to bring this one home.

Sleepy twin.

Look at those socks!!!

Oh, I love these three pictures!  Ezekiel was watching the girls climb the Camel Tree, and he kept unconsciously making the funniest faces.

I don't know why this sight warranted those faces, but I could have overlooked a frightening undertone.

We finally dug some leeks.

Brief pit stop to pet Miracle included at no extra charge.


Rebecca said...

Pretty much THE perfect day. I've been itching to get out in the woods for weeks now and it just hasn't happened. Which is really, really sad.

I wonder sometimes at the foolishness of making time for the to-do's (sometimes successfully, sometimes not) always at the expense of should-do's and want-to-do's...because they are often the same thing. An afternoon in the woods is infinitely more worthwhile (for the children AND the Mama) than laundry, dishes, cheese making or the like...but for some reason I think that if I will have fun, it must not be as important as the other stuff.

How wrong I can be.

Full of Grace said...

Love all of them but especially love the closeup of you and baby with all the kiddos exploring in the background :) So Cute :) I Love Exploring with the kiddos, we need to do that again sometime soon..

Abigail said...

All right. Let's all make a pact to ignore the stupid dishes and cluttered rooms and weed-filled gardens and IHIPS (that are due in two days) and GO EXPLORING!!!! I'll tell the homeschool liaison that you told me to.