Gifts for a Lover of Fowl

Millie used this egg cozy pattern, but she added a bottom so she could stuff it, and then she whipped out a nest and eggs, because this is what Millies do. (Don't ask me how they do it; I'm not a Millie.)

I coached Annika through her her first applique, and she made a lined drawstring bag using this awesome pattern.  It's a simple, clear pattern with great results, and it made me appreciate the internet again.  (Annie used a solid color for the outside fabric, which streamlines some of the sewing.)

Pip loves to embroider, so this was as much a gift for her as it was for Deirdre.  Ducks, ahoy!


Abigail said...

(I included no snapshots of Su's chicken gift because I had to finish it for her when we got there, after she tore off on the most delightful and humorous birthday scavenger hunt I've ever been on the sidelines for. Justin should hire out his scavenger-creating services!)

cadie said...

I was amazed at the little chicken Millie whipped out which was "so easy" according to her. I loved Annie's drawstring bag, and Deirdre did too! (It's a beautiful blue, by the way)

Abigail said...

That beautiful blue fabric courtesy of my mother's fabric de-cluttering. We all benefit!