Graduation Day

We left the woods in a hurry in order to catch the graduation ceremony of my youngest sister Deborah who just received her Master's degree.

There were a few unused tickets floating around, so the three bigger girls were able to come along with me to enjoy the Very Long Ceremony.

At the beginning, Deborah was all smiles.

Three hours into long-winded speeches, Mopsy had to borrow Millie's crocheting project in order to stave off insanity.

At last!  Here she comes!!!

And here she is!

With our shorty-pants mother:

With my big girls:

With her two wonderful sisters:

Warmest congratulations to you, Deborah!  Dedicated, intelligent, kind, and beautiful...with a Master's degree now, to boot.


heidiann(e) said...

oh, Annie....

you do make me smile.

Rebecca said...

She's a catch and a half.

Abigail said...

Me, too.

Indeed, she is! Now to find a man who's good enough for her... :)